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Calm down, these Mist Killers are being controlled like zombies, and they are of no threat to us. Meng Tian, freeze the thistles ability to sense us! After that, control everyones emotions. Mengha, do what you need to do. Yuan Jing, follow me.


In this short span of time, not only had Wang Zheng not died from the electric shocks, he had, in fact, adapted to them. His metal element of the Five Elements was insufficient. However, since metal arose out of earth, this was then a second hidden power that supported Wang Zheng. But this short moment had given Wang Zheng some realization. The power of the Five Elements was indeed something that one could not just figure out without any knowledge of the actual process. Confrontation was indeed the best way.


Aragorn was one of the parties involved. Having witnessed everything in the qualifying rounds, while this madman was facing him now, he was still thinking about the future.


Hinrich’s Maya’s Mantis began to burn. It was flame too, the same fire element. But there was a huge difference between the flames of Hinrich and Lie Xin.


Zhang Shan also longed to understand the Earth-rank cosmos. The emergence of the teleportation box nevertheless gave him a lot of pressure, ceasing his uniqueness.


If Luo Fei had displayed such strength earlier, it would not be possible to determine who would have become the Greatest Kings.

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Wang Zheng would be less interested if this ability appeared from Lear. Even if Lear was strong, it would be repulsive. However, Wang Zheng would long for a gratifying battle if it appeared from Luo Fei. Not everyone would be fortunate enough to choose his own path. Therefore, it would give Wang Zheng great pleasure to be able to see such a matchup.


It was dead silence in the big arena. Regardless of the place and school, the commentators had gone silent too. Would a single move be sufficient to decide victory?


The two mecha walked into the arena. In this arena in Aslan, Menlo was well known to everyone a terrifying Arbiter warrior. However, beyond Aslan, the students from all the major military colleges were more familiar with Achilles. After all, he was the Greatest King in Saruman Snake. Thus, he had been in the limelight more frequently. From general popularity, the handsome Achilles was more popular than Menlo


At the same time, Mengha was standing in front of the three members that had triggered the thistles attack. Calm down, dont move recklessly, and if you cant do it, just lie low on the ground!


As for his right hand, it was spinning and absorbing the power of the frost that was spreading the air earlier. It was suppressing continuously and had formed an azure blue sphere.


This time, Jondi Lilick’s God of Warfare lost its aggressive momentum, and the long, golden blade in his hands transformed into a golden spear.


But there should be at least an eighth octave of breathing method to begin with, to be able to understand the rest. But basically no one knew about Atlantis’ matrix formation, which meant that no one could find any insight.



Direct confrontation. The alloy sword and the Rune Sword struck continuously. Violent power blasted around the two, but neither of them retreated. After a few rounds of probing, they had a very good grasp of the situations. Ander Lucia was not even using the Runic Matrices. The speed of the Runic Matrices could no longer keep up with Mu Zhens speed. The speed of a mech was incomparable to that of a giant who was accustomed to the armour and with the acceleration of the lightning. The difference was worlds apart. A stronger power was thus required to defeat his opponent.



But when he had absorbed Mars’ strength from Luo Fei, the domineering power of the Heavenly Overlord Attack supplemented Lear’s lack of strength. The Aries Art was a fervent technique of the balance of the five elements. However, Lear always came out a little short, and this was insufficient to achieve through his own practice. He did not possess this dominance, but it was all but made up when Lear absorbed Mars’ dominance.


In an instant, the Heavenly King Dragon Knight was smashed to pieces. The Heavenly King mech was hacked at the same time, and the energy shield was smashed into pieces. The arms of the Heavenly King mech reached out to meet the attack!


González also used teleportation. This was the swiftest instinctive reflex. The Ghost Warrior disappeared…

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