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It was only that this was not what everyone was paying attention to. At night, within all their rooms, everyone was studying the Dynasty battle team and the Asura battle team’s video. Saruman Snake, as the more well-known team, had also not expected such an outcome. If they were to unluckily encounter Dynasty battle team, how should they resolve this issue of Luo Fei?


Wang Zheng nodded and smiled. This was all he could do. The rest would be up to fate. No. He believed that Aina would not dance according to Kashawen’s tune. The rest was up to her.


As Wang Zheng and the members of Saruman Snake were preparing to leave after the match ended, an unexpected person approached them. Of course, the person had to be from the contestants seats to be able to approach them now.


Tang Zheng, the captain of the Heaven’s Arrows battle team, was an unknown, at least up until now. But this time, he could not be a total unknown. At least he was an Earth-rank wood element warrior.


The Devil Dragon battle team won the first battle convincingly, and it was also a big upset. Everyone understood a fact: anyone with the dark element could completely suppress the Mayans.


Hu Ya could not afford to miss this opportunity. The laser gun was aimed right at Wind God, which was just right ahead. The laser roared…

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This was a real hit. His back was turned, and his target clear. He was already down, and one serious blow would see him gravely injured, if not dead.


Frankly, she could not tell. It was like being a celebrity. Others could give you some face and friendliness, but in actuality, it was no use.


Mu Zhen could feel the lightness of his body. He appeared to be able to see the leaping of the lightning elves between spaces. He had used life sacrifice. The so-called life sacrifice was a tactic used by the giants using continuous consumption of life in exchange for power and strength. However, for whatever reason, he did not seem to feel his life-force draining. Instead, he felt endless streams of life-force flowing into his body from outside.


This was a killer move when targeted at any kind of controlling Ability X. However, this was not an Ability X. It was a method of mental strength control.


Lou Fei sat down quietly, still smiling. No one saw it, but fatty’s eyes had a hint of sadness.


Si Jiali was taken aback. “You don’t seem to have faced Wang Zheng before. Why would you think so?”


This sudden change caused everyone to be shell-shocked. Were they freaking seeing ghosts? Olivios was being violently beaten?



With regards to the hostility, Xie Yuxin only gave a faint smile and said, Theres bound to be danger. But as long as you can do what Ive said, you can control the level of danger. Of course, this is still not hundred percent safe. Whether you can break through is still a personal matter.



Wang Zheng’s expression did not change. In the instant he stood out, he did not bear any more resentment. He would take the world on!


Wang Zheng looked at Jondi Lilick and Qiqin Nacchai. Manalasuo and Lya Sphinx. And a whole crowd’s hungry eyes behind. Perhaps today would be the end. But he would let Kashawen know that this meant nothing.


A video revealed all the secrets. It was the qualifier match. Many people knew that a number of captains had been eliminated, but they did not know how they were eliminated.

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